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Eleventh Hour

ELEVENTH HOUR tells a story of love against hatred, good versus evil and one man's battle against international terrorism.

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It is the producer's goal to create a story that powerfully addresses several controversial issues facing the American public, while offering a redemptive solution through God's grace.

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It will entertain, engage, and envelop the viewers with action, drama, and suspense that will keep them riveted to the screen!

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As a group of filmmakers, we desire to follow God's leading in our business dealings and express examples of God's grace in our films. Like any group of dedicated artists, we seek to create media at the highest levels of excellence, incorporating the latest technology with our talent and creativity. It's not good enough to make a cool movie, we want to push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling, exploring the edge of our culture while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Meet The Team

Robert Cook, Producer

Robert Cook, Producer/Director
Robert has contributed to family films such as HERO, and ACE WONDER. He served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, where he sharpened his leadership skills and gained the rank of Master Sergeant. He also owned and operated a highly successful business in Oklahoma with his wife Sarah Cook, who is the Producer of ELEVENTH HOUR. This project has been his labor of love for many years. To see it coming to the screen has been a dream come true.

James Burgess, DP

James Burgess, Director of Photography
James has been creating award-winning films and videos for 30 years. Particularly known as a "storyteller", he weaves technical proficiency and artistic expression into decidedly poignant messages. He is able to produce striking and impressive images efficiently and artistically within the constraints of given budgets. Mr. Burgess has produced and directed hundreds of films, videos and TV commercials.

Matthew Shaw, Screenwriter

Matthew T. Shaw, Screenwriter
Matthew has worked in film for several years. His previous writing experience has been as a journalist and freelance author. Three years of life in the Middle East, and travels in Europe and Central America lend to his writing and understanding of cultural conflict.

Usama Dakdok, consultant
Usama Dakdok, Middle Eastern consultant and translator
Usama brings to the project his knowledge of Egyptian and Middle Eastern culture and an expertise in translation of Arabic text.



Saeed "Ed" Kaddoura, Additional consultant, translator and actor.
Ed contributes his knowledge of Arabic language and customs, and also plays the role of 'Teacher' in the promotional trailer.