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ELEVENTH HOUR is the story of Rob Carson, an FBI Agent stationed in Oklahoma City. Though Rob has a 'reputation' for doing his job, he lives on gut instincts that often run counter to agency policy—choosing paths other men avoid. During a botched arrest of foreign nationals, his actions not only draw a racially charged smear campaign from the media, but set in motion events that may change the world. He is determined to redeem himself by capturing a potential terrorist cell, but keeps finding his path blocked by a Federal "Wall" and a system that is crippled by political correctness.

Meanwhile, behind Rob's professional bravado, a painful history hides in the shadows, poisoning his marriage and his attempts to relate to his daughter and father. His flawed efforts to reconcile with his past, and his unilateral decision to pursue the terrorists against the law, result in a downward spiral that circles toward disaster. Rob must find true redemption and choose to make the ultimate sacrifice — before the decision is made for him.

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